Facility Details


The Library is the pillar and pride of an educational institute. The College shall have a Digital library with a provision to demonstrate and learn from multimedia packages and internet. Book transactions, classification will be through computers. Institution library shall be connected to the libraries of other Colleges through a network and facility for getting articles/papers published in international journals will be provided through clearing houses. The library will be equipped with update text and reference books and subscribe to national and international journals. Reprographic facility will be provided to enable the users to obtain instant reference material.

Class Room

The college has well-designed class rooms with the essential teaching aids like audio visual equipment overhead projectors. Spacious, well ventilated and state of art class rooms are hallmark of SRI. The ambience of class room infuses sense of creativity and belongingness in our students. Class rooms are equipped with audio, LCD/ OHP.


A state of art Hall dictates the commitment for excellence and quality. A modern seminar hall is available to the students for conducting a variety of activities such as conferences, presentations, contests, workshops etc. The seminar hall consists of plethora of audio visual aids such as LCD projectors, collar mike, and cordless microphones with large seating capacity.

This has capacity to accommodate approx 250 students at a time

The objectives of Psychology Resource centre are:-

1. Assisting the student Teachers understand the processes of child development.
2. Helping the student teachers understand the mechanism o students motivation
3. Helping the student teachers acquire necessary skills to use the obtained information relating to children's development & learning.
4. Assessing the scholastic abilities of the learner and finding out the specific skills which need attention.
5. Ensuring proper match between the theoretical knowledge with the requirements of existing real life exigencies.
6. Helping the student teachers to work out empirical knowledge based ways and means conducive for nourishment of the students' potential for making their life more productive.


The objectives of Art & Craft Resource centre are:-

1. Providing opportunity for nurturing the creative talents of the student teachers.
2. Providing adequate opportunities of exploration and exposure to art & craft experiences to students teachers.
3. Providing opportunities & training to student teachers for acquiring and enhancing necessary skills in different areas of Art & Crafts as a prospective teachers and also individual.
4. Providing support in organizing festivals, fairs exhibitions shows etc.
5. Providing a platform to establish Arts & Craft as medium of education in relation to other School subjects.


The objectives of Science & Mathematics Resource Centre are:

1. Providing space and material to students teachers for hands on experience with science & mathematics learning material.
2. Providing the teacher- educators and student teachers material and equipments for demonstration, experimentation and other related activities.
3. Providing opportunities to teacher educators to demonstrate process skills.
4. Providing a place to store & exhibit the TLM prepared by student teachers and teacher educators.


The objectives of Health & Physical Resource Centre are:

According to WHO, health is defined as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely absence of disease or infirmity " To achieve this level of health is an ideal, which perhaps no one can attain. However, a person can aspire to have a minimum level of health which enables him/her to live a personally satisfying and socially useful life. Health education is not simple 'content' comprising of desired change in knowledge, attitudes and practices is is also a process that empowers people to develop a capability (Knowledge, attitudes and practices) of self-health-care (physical mental and social health) through self-reliance (using available resources) and social responsibility (safe guarding health of community members)." Thus, health education is both content and process.


1. Creating Awareness among prospective teachers about information & Communication Technology and its use in teaching -learning.
2. Training prospective teachers for using different ICT tools
3. Developing competency among prospective teachers in the use of off line and on line electronic resources.
4. Encouraging prospective teachers to use ICT for improving class room teaching and also for their professional development.

Language Laboratory

It is well equipped with workstations for students which are inter connected and monitored simultaneously by the instructor. It provides an exposure to correct pronunciation and super segmental features of English language, that is stress, intonation and pause. Its activities also include listening to conversation in different situations, grammar drills and vocabulary building exercises. Personality Development classes are held in the Language Laboratory which enhances the following soft skills of the students -

Computer Lab:

Students of the respective programs are required to have the proficiency in day to day office applications on computers, specially as this world can be said as the world of information technology. Keeping in view, we have a state of Art Computer Lab. There are separate cabins for students The Software information data mechanization in the centre also helps a lot for students to realize their potential future towards better studies and future growth.


Spirit is to filled campus life with invigorating and creative environment, promoting innovation & introspection. Respect & Consideration in interaction with others, integrity in academic pursuits, and free, open and respectful exchange of ideas are some of values imparted in campus. .

SRI is committed to infuse a campus culture and provide an environment where students can learn & grow innovation, creativity and diversity.

Committee : A no of professional, recreational, social, and academic clubs allow students to wind down after a tough day’s work. These committee provides platform where they can horn networking, communication, presentation and creative skills. The various clubs are integral part of SRI. The sole aim of these clubs is to encourage students to explore their hidden talents in their respective professional field and to prepare them to face victoriously the various challenges for their life ahead.

The main objective is to motivate budding professionals and to provide them a platform for showcasing their innovation, conception and creativity for the same, the committee organizes various technical event round the year.

Hard working and vibrant students under guidance of FACILITY carry out all activities through out the year.

Art Club:

The main objective of Art Club is to splash all shades of Rainbow. Drama, Music, Dance, Laughter are some of the shade of this club headed by Students under mentorship of FACILITY . Major event of this club is during annual functions. This also provides students to get break & relaxation from hectic day long academic sessions. This club play major role in overall development of personality of SRItians.



All work and no play make jack a dull boy. The sport facilities at SRI Kumhari and SRI Raipur Campus are enviable for any visitor at a glance. Sports as we consider are of utmost necessity when it come to student’s growth at its best. The facilities out here are first rate and they cater to every sportsman that’s inside every students. Every year these grounds brim with hustle bustle and activities that show case the very best potential of the students.

" Nine tenths of education is encouragement”. –Anatole France