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Spirit is to filled campus life with invigorating and creative environment, promoting innovation & introspection.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

The institute has proficient teacher educators to impart learning in a highly skill oriented field of teacher education.

To prepare education leaders of high academic calibre, with a holistic development of body, mind and spirit nurtured with a strong commitment to serve humanity reflecting Christian values.

To train and equip teaching personnel to be fit, intelligent, emotionally stable, social- minded, spiritually enlightened, recreationally competent, vocationally prepared and committed to the cause of health, physical education, sports and recreation to make the nation fit.

B.Ed., B.A. B.Ed., B.El.Ed. Programs demand intellectual maturity, strength of purpose and willingness to work hard. Students are endowed with a sense of curiosity to learn, deep interest to teach and affection fore young children so that society get benefited.

Academic standards are high and we take intellectual life seriously. Our aim is to help all students to develop their academic ability and personal potential. All students who come to SRI are expected to work hard, but we also want students to develop a wide range of skills and interests during their time at SRI.


Quality Human Resources.

Quality And Value Based Education.

Provision of World-class Facilities.

Dynamic And Enthralling Environment for fulfilling stay.

Collaboration with other Universities.