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About Ravi Shankar College of Education

RSCE (Ravi Shankar College of Education)

This College  is established by Shri rawatpura Sarkar Lok Kalyan Trust with  sole objective of spreading quality Teachers  education to all aspiring young students of our society. We aim to develop trainee Teacher who can inspire students. We believe that  Education is the  main foundation for the growth of a country.. For this very purpose RSCE  offers professional B.Ed. & D.El.Ed.  course to polish the teaching abilities of the teachers. We  help our students to realize  their strength, recognize their aptitude and mould them according to their needs.

This College established in year 2009.…

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Our Services

Quick Helps

Shri Rawatpura Sarkar College Sagar Team is happy to help students and teacher attend student queries on higher priority. We have dedicated SPOCs to answer all the questions.


Eligible and meritorious students get scholarships from government and from trust also. we promote an equal opportunity to all students to get higher education


Sports play a vital role in the development of mental strength and physical fitness of a body. We have a play ground which includes, volleyball, and other outdoor games facility.


We have piloted a scheme of ICT supported / enabled pedagogy to its students under the foundation course of computer science. We have dedicated computer lab for hand on practice.


To work constantly in a direction so as to transform pupils in to ideal human beings thereby ideal society, nation and ultimately THE WORLD. We have collection of books at our library.


We have Flexibility in Organization and structure of teaching and our aim is to transform the course of education from livelihood oriented to life oriented with our Innovative Programmes.

Our Mission and Vision

Welcome to Shri Ravi Shankar College of Education-Satna India Our Vision: To inculcate humanism, tolerance, reason, progress, fearlessness and truthfulness, through education so as to produce integrated men and women free from fear. Our Mission: To emerge as a ‘CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE” in the field education by adopting innovative approaches…

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