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1. Assisting the student Teachers understand the processes of child development.
2. Helping the student teachers understand the mechanism o students motivation
3. Helping the student teachers acquire necessary skills to use the obtained information relating to children’s development & learning.
4. Assessing the scholastic abilities of the learner and finding out the specific skills which need attention.
5. Ensuring proper match between the theoretical knowledge with the requirements of existing real life exigencies.
6. Helping the student teachers to work out empirical knowledge based ways and means conducive for nourishment of the students’ potential for making their life more productive.


The objectives of Art & Craft Resource centre are:

1. Providing opportunity for nurturing the creative talents of the student teachers.
2. Providing adequate opportunities of exploration and exposure to art & craft experiences to students teachers.
3. Providing opportunities & training to student teachers for acquiring and enhancing necessary skills in different areas of Art & Crafts as a prospective teachers and also individual.
4. Providing support in organizing festivals, fairs exhibitions shows etc.
5. Providing a platform to establish Arts & Craft as medium of education in relation to other School subjects.


The objectives of Science & Mathematics Resource Centre are:

1. Providing space and material to students teachers for hands on experience with science & mathematics learning material.
2. Providing the teacher- educators and student teachers material and equipments for demonstration, experimentation and other related activities.
3. Providing opportunities to teacher educators to demonstrate process skills.
4. Providing a place to store & exhibit the TLM prepared by student teachers and teacher educators.


According to WHO, health is defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely absence of disease or infirmity ” To achieve this level of health is an ideal, which perhaps no one can attain. However, a person can aspire to have a minimum level of health which enables him/her to live a personally satisfying and socially useful life. Health education is not simple ‘content’ comprising of desired change in knowledge, attitudes and practices is is also a process that empowers people to develop a capability (Knowledge, attitudes and practices) of self-health-care (physical mental and social health) through self-reliance (using available resources) and social responsibility (safe guarding health of community members).” Thus, health education is both content and process


1. Creating Awareness among prospective teachers about information & Communication Technology and its use in teaching -learning.
2. Training prospective teachers for using different ICT tools.
3. Developing competency among prospective teachers in the use of off line and on line electronic resources.
4. Encouraging prospective teachers to use ICT for improving class room teaching and also for their professional development.