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SRI is committed to infuse a campus culture and provide an environment where students can learn & grow innovation, creativity and diversity.

Committee : A no of professional, recreational, social, and academic clubs allow students to wind down after a tough day’s work. These committee provides platform where they can horn networking, communication, presentation and creative skills. The various clubs are integral part of SRI. The sole aim of these clubs is to encourage students to explore their hidden talents in their respective professional field and to prepare them to face victoriously the various challenges for their life ahead.

The main objective is to motivate budding professionals and to provide them a platform for showcasing their innovation, conception and creativity for the same, the committee organizes various technical event round the year.

Hard working and vibrant students under guidance of FACILITY carry out all activities through out the year.

Art Club:

The main objective of Art Club is to splash all shades of Rainbow. Drama, Music, Dance, Laughter are some of the shade of this club headed by Students under mentorship of FACILITY . Major event of this club is during annual functions. This also provides students to get break & relaxation from hectic day long academic sessions. This club play major role in overall development of personality of SRItians.


All work and no play make jack a dull boy. The sport facilities at SRI Kumhari and SRI Raipur Campus are enviable for any visitor at a glance. Sports as we consider are of utmost necessity when it come to student’s growth at its best. The facilities out here are first rate and they cater to every sportsman that’s inside every students. Every year these grounds brim with hustle bustle and activities that show case the very best potential of the students.