Career Opportunities for Pharmacy Graduates

Pharmacy, the health care profession concerned with knowledge about drugs and their effects, draws from the chemical, physical, behavioral and biological sciences. It offers many opportunities in India and around the world. Pharmacists may practice in a nursing home or biotechnology industry extended care facility and other private or public companies; a hospital pharmacy or pharmaceutical industry, a college; government agencies, etc. Pharmacy graduates are not only best paid and most respected professionals, but health care trends make pharmacy a nearly recession proof career choice. Here is a list in brief which indicates many opportunities for Pharmacy graduates

  • Government Sector
    1. Food and Drug Administration
    2. the Drug Enforcement Administration
    3. the Public Health Service
    4. the Armed Forces
    5. the National Institutes of Health
    6. Teaching profession and administrative careers at leading colleges and universities.
    7. Many other government agencies.
  • Hospital Pharmacy
    1. To select the medications in the hospital for use, dispense prescription drugs, and handle special products like radioactive medicines, artificial kidney, fluid and plastic inserts.
    2. Many hospital-based pharmacists also are administrators and influential members of important committees.
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing
    1. Pharmaceutical marketing
    2. Area manager
    3. Regional sales managers
    4. Zonal sales managers etc
  • Consultancy

This is an ideal opportunity for highly technical and experienced pharmacy professionals to earn handsomely as self-employed entrepreneurs, even after the age of retirement. Consultancy services in Pharmacy are offered in various fields against very attractive financial fees

  1. Regulatory Affairs
  2. Market Surveys & Sales Promotion
  3. Analytical Series
  4. Research
  5. Documentation
  6. Manufacturing Processes
  7. Approvals
  8. Turn Key Projects
  9. Data Management
  10. Information Retrieval
  • Industrial Pharmacy
    1. research and development (R&D)
    2. testing of medications in humans and animals (Clinical Trials)
    3. production systems
    4. Sales and management
    5. production chemist
    6. production manager
    7. officer, executive, manager, Director, President, Vice-president


  1. Other opportunities in production of herbal & ayurvedic preparations and veterinary products as well as bulk drugs and cosmetics.
  • Community Pharmacy
    1. for safe and efficient dispensing of prescription medications
    2. advising patients on proper prescription
    3. advising patients on proper prescription
    4. over-the counter non-prescription medication use
    5. keeping records of patients and their health, illness, and medications etc

Scope Abroad                                                                                                                                                                                                            

India is producing many pharmacy graduates. Qualified pharmacy professionals have been in demand by many foreign countries like U.S.A., European Countries, Canada, African Countries, South East Asian Countries, Gulf Countries, and the Australian continent like New Zealand. A registered pharmacist earns very high salary and respect in developed countries

Duration Course Offered Eligibility
2 Yrs D. Pharma 10+2 (PCM/B/Biotech) with 60 % for General category & 50 % for SC, ST & PH.
4 Yrs B. Pharma 10+2 (PCM/B/Biotech) with 60 % for General category & 50 % for SC, ST & PH.
3 Yrs B. Pharma (IInd year Lateral entry)

Highly Qualified and Well-Experienced Faculties Well Equipped Classrooms

  • The classrooms are spacious, ventilated and equipped with multimedia to facilitate effective learning.
    The classrooms are designed to provide maximum interaction between the faculty and students
Well equipped Laboratories :
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmaceutics
  • Pharmacognosy
  • APHE
  • Machine Rooms
  • Central Instrumentation Facility
  • Dedicated & Experienced Laboratory Staff Full-fledged Library with e-journals and books Well Organized Computer Lab
  • 42 terminals
  • Many Printers
  • LAN with 24 hours Internet Connectivity
Pollution free environment
  • Multi-Purpose Seminar Hall.
  • Special Focus on Guest Lectures & Personality Development.
  • State-of-the-art herbal garden & aromatic plants.
  • In-door & out-door Games & sports facility.
  • Medicinal Plants Garden

    A medicinal plants garden covering a total area of 250 sq. meters has been developed at the campus. More than 50 Genus of various
    medicinal plants has already been planted. The plants grown in this garden are useful in the practical classes of Pharmacognosy


    A herbal museum has been developed in the Department. The museum displays about 40 crude drugs of natural origin, some animal and
    plant specimens and few plant specimens, and a few charts of crude drugs. The museum helps the students in the recognition and
    identification of crude drugs of natural origin in the subject of pharmacognosy.

    Play Grounds

    Playgrounds for Cricket, Volleyball and other games are available in the campus. Indoor games facilities have also been created

    • Pharmaceutics Lab
      1. All purpose Instrument
      2. Autoclave
      3. Capsule Filling Machine
      4. Coating and Polishing Machine
      5. Cooling Centrifuge
      6. Digital Balance
      7. Disintegration Apparatus
      8. Dissolution Apparatus
      9. Distillation Unit
      10. Friability Test Apparatus
      11. Hot Air Oven
      12. Laboratory Centrifuge
      13. Laminar Flow Hood
      14. Magnetic Stirrer
      15. Mechanical Sieving Machine
      16. Tablet Punching Machine
      17. Single punch tablet machine
      18. Tablet Disso Apparatus
      19. Vacuum Filtration assembly
    • Pharmacognosy Lab
      1. Binocular Microscope
      2. Camera Lucida
      3. Digital Balance
      4. Digital Melting Point Apparatus
      5. Muffle Furnace
      6. PH Meter
      7. Soxhlet Apparatus
      8. Stage Microscope
      9. Vacuum Filter
      10. Sterility test unit
      11. BOD incubator
      12. Moisture balance
      13. Projection microscope
    • Pharmacology Lab
      1. Act photometer
      2. Analgesiometer
      3. Digital Balance
      4. Electroconvulsiometer
      5. ELISA Reader
      6. Kymographs
      7. Organ Bath Assembly
      8. Pole Climbing Apparatus
      9. Rotarod Apparatus
    • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Lab
      1. Binocular Microscope
      2. Boiling Point Apparatus
      3. Calorimeter
      4. Centrifuge
      5. Digital Balance
      6. Flame Photometer
      7. Hot Air Oven
      8. Mechanical Shaker
      9. Micro burette
      10. PH Meter
      11. Rotavapour
      12. Vacuum Distillation Assembly
      13. Melting Point Apparatus
    • Library
      1. Provision for departmental library
      2. Library to be sectioned into two parts-references & Issue section.
      3. All books to be properly registered (Hard & Soft copy)
      4. Provision for journals (National & International, online & hard copy) in all departments should be made.
      5. Newspaper Clipping-The latest news in all fields of various departments will be Xeroxed and displayed on
        the notice board for the update.
      6. Delnet e- Library
      7. The Library Resource Center offers the following services
      8. Reading Facilities
      9. Reference
      10. Photocopying
      11. Circulation
      12. Computerized Information Search
      13. Library Orientation Programme
      14. Newspaper Clipping
      15. Current Awareness Services