My mission is to spread awareness of teachings of our spiritual masters and its practical significance in daily life among the masses. My focus is on developing positive qualities of Love, Forgiveness, Patience and Perseverance among people and to establish a society which believes in holistic development of all aspects of life including Material, Cultural, Humanitarian and Spiritual. Our aim is to prepare scholars with wisdom through knowledge expansion, individual growth, life progress, all round perfection: physical, mental, and spiritual and promote them towards the unity of mankind at the universal level. It gives us an understanding of our true nature and eliminates ego, ignorance and false identification and constructs a balanced human relationship.

If an individual wants to rise above his thoughts then he should have complete Trust, Faith, Devotion and Dedication towards his goal. A man’s thinking decides his destiny. Our thought process has a profound effect on our personality. Nothing is impossible for a man, what is required is great and progressive thinking. ShriRawatpuraSarkar University (SRU) serves principles of compassion, knowledge, caring and sharing in a positive environment.